A Mobile Pipeline Connection the Européan Food Industries

FoodTankers is a mobile pipeline for food- and feed industry in Europe.
FoodTankers operates in the Nordic countries and the rest of Europe and has subsidiaries in Poland and Hungary. Our head office is in Karlshamn but is owned by Imperial Logistics International with head office in Duisburg, Germany. Our fleet has 110 trucks and 130 trailers and through Imperial we have access to more than 400 trucks and 800 trailers.
FoodTankers is certified according to ISO 14001, 22000, GMP+B4 and SQAS + Food
Our supply chain includes a dozen subcontractors with drivers from Sweden, Denmark, Latvia, Hungary and Poland. These are smaller haulages with dedicated drivers and trucks for FoodTankers customers.
Our customers vary from local breweries to multinational companies within food industry. We work hard to continuously improve our services.