FoodTankers is a company in an industry by many people looked upon as the opposite of sustanability. This has made us accept the challenge and we want to show that we actually can work towards a sustainable development, environmentally as well as socially and economically.

We simply want to be the good company, respected by our employees, customers, suppliers and society and its inhabitants. 2015 was the year when FoodTankers took a holistic approach to sustainability and started working in a structured way according to the perspectives environmentally, socially and economically sustainable development.
 We were also reviewed by DNV NL on behalf of one of our major customer´s Code of Conduct and the result was positive. Since then we actively work with follow-up of our subcontractors, Swedish as well as foreign.

More about our CSR work, you can read about in our sustainability report
FoodTankers also has a code of conduct that all employees and contractors must sign in order to work for us.
FoodTankers is connected to the Swedish Road Haulage Companies initiative FAIR TRANSPORT.

FoodTankers Code of Conduct

General principles

This is the Code of Conduct for FoodTankers as a part of Imperial Logistics. The Code of Conduct applies to FoodTankers itself, all employees at FoodTankers and all suppliers of the FoodTankers.
Suppliers which are contracted or working for FoodTankers are independent companies and work in most cases exclusive for the FoodTankers. Actions of our business partners can be attributed to the FoodTankers and its customers and could affect our and our customer’s reputation.
FoodTankers require that all employees and suppliers meet the standard and promote principles outlined in this code of conduct.
It is also expected from all employees and suppliers to be familiar with and support FoodTankers Vision and Business Principles. The supplier should also educate all employees working for FoodTankers in this Code of Conduct.


Principles of Human rights
UN declaration of Human rights: FoodTankers and its suppliers shall support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights and to ensure that they are not complicit in human rights abuses.

Wages and Benefits:
FoodTankers and its suppliers shall comply at least with local and international legal minimum standard concerning wages and benefits. Social costs and taxes to the employees shall be paid in a legal way. The wages shall be paid at regular intervals no longer than one month in full and directly to the workers concerned.
Such payments should be kept in appropriate records. Deductions from wages are permitted only under conditions and to the extent prescribed by the applicable law, regulations or collective agreement, and suppliers should inform the workers concerned of such deductions at the time of each payment.

Forced labour

FoodTankers and its suppliers shall not engage in or benefit from any use of forced or compulsory labour.

Drive and rest periods and Working hours:
FoodTankers and its suppliers shall ensure to comply with applicable EU-legislation of driver and rest periods and working hours.

Non-Discrimination and fair treatment:
FoodTankers and its suppliers shall ensure to create and maintain a work environment free from discrimination and treat all employees with dignity and respect. No form of physical, sexual, verbal or psychological harassment or abuse shall be tolerated.

Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining:
FoodTankers and its suppliers shall ensure to recognize the freely-exercised right of workers to join an association as permitted by and in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Notification of employees:
FoodTankers and its suppliers shall ensure to inform their employees in good time in case of significant changes that may affect them.


Workplace Environment
FoodTankers and its suppliers shall ensure that workers working for FoodTankers shall have a safe working place and detect and prevent potential risks of safety, health and security of all employees.

FoodTankers and its suppliers shall ensure to work continuously with environmental improvements and minimize the environmental impact caused. Specific focus are emissions and greenhouse gas emissions.


Business Integrity
Money laundering: FoodTankers does not accept or support money laundering.

FoodTankers and its suppliers shall ensure to be careful with confidential information concerning FoodTankers business and its customers.

FoodTankers and its suppliers shall ensure to adhere to the highest standards of moral and ethical conduct, to respect local laws and not engage in any form of corrupt practices, including but not limited to extortion, fraud, or bribery.


FoodTankers AB
Tomas Petterson, CEO