FoodTankers was established in 1955 in Karlshamn. We have become a very sought employer and transport partner and have successively grown on both the national and international market to be able to cater and meet the requirements from our customers.

Some of our milestones
1955 Evert Olsson´s haulage, later Tank och Bulk, is established by EvertOlsson.
1962 The company starts transporting for Oljefabriken i Karlshamn AB.
1972 The company builds an office and a workshop in Karlshamn and widens the traffic within Scandinavia.
1982 The company begins to operate in Western- and central Europe.
1985 The fleet consists of 25 units.
1995 A tank cleaning station is built in Karlshamn and the company operates international transports with ATP classified tanks.
1996 The company is classified according to ISO 9002 and establishes daily traffic to Russia.
1998 The name is changed to FoodTankers.
1999 FoodTankers establishes a subsidiary in Hungary.
2000 Another subsidiary is established in Poland and is certified according to ISO 14001.
2001 FoodTankers´fleet includes 100 units.
2002 FoodTankers begins working with subcontractors.
2004 A subsidiary is established in the Netherlands.
2008 FoodTankers is acquired by Imperial Logistics GmbH.
2010 FoodTankers is certified as the first transport company according to both ISO 2200:2005 and GMP +B 4 through Det norske Veritas.
2011 FoodTankers builds the most modern truck wash in Sweden.
2012 FoodTankers is broken out to Lehnkering Group.
2014 SQAS Food Certification for FoodTankers´washing facilities, is established.
2015 A new Food division is established within Imperial, including FoodTankers
and the sister company Laabs. The work with ISO 26000 begins.
2016 FoodTankers releases its first report of sustainability according to GRI G4.