Water is our most important food and something we take for granted always to be available in our taps. Furthermore we expect the tap water to taste nice and be healthy. Today, Sweden has 70 700 kilometers of water pipes of which 30 percent were drawn before 1960. Big water leaks because of old pipes is a big problem to many municipalities in Sweden.

One day it happened. On the national radio there was a warning that the  drinking water in Kalmar was unusable and that there were problems getting drinking water to the inhabitants.
FoodTankers contacted the emergency services in Kalmar and offered help. Soon we got in contact with the waterworks in Kalmar and immedately provided them with water in IBS-containers so that the inhabitants could have water for consumption. The distribution of clean drinking water went on continuously for about 48 hours, both to the municipality and the County Hospital in Kalmar. From the moment Kalmar decided to use the service, FoodTankers was in place within six hours with clean drinking water.
 That´s how the idea of Watercrises – A declaration about clean water in case of a crises was born. We offer this service to municipalities, counties, companies and events that want to be on the safe side in case of a water crises.